Alejandra Cabrera Abasolo

Journalist and audiovisual storyteller based in Berlin

From Spain, Alejandra Cabrera is a City, University of London Journalism graduate. She has written for publications such as Vice, Mixmag, Why Now?, Threads Radio and The Sampler. Alejandra's work has a heavy focus on topics surrounding music and society. 

She is currently working as an Editorial Assistant at Hyponik and completing her MA in Documentary Filmmaking at Melfilm School in Berlin.

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Topics of Alejandra's work include music and investigative reporting, as well as social and street photography.

She is confident in the making of news video and audio packages, as well as in creating editorial content.

At her current position within Hyponik, Alejandra writes everything electronic music-related, from news

to features.

She is currently working as well as a writer and producer to London-based Threads Radio. 


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