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IT'S OUR TIME: Elli's inspiring music journey

Music can be a difficult field to pursue but, for Elli, there's no other way

By Alejandra Cabrera

“I have this beautiful memory of when I was little. It’s summer holiday and we are by the sea,

I have this image of how free I felt and of all my family there,” says Elli Michail when asked

about her happiest memory. “I recall that almost everyday, especially when there's trouble.”

In her beautiful greek Veria, close to Thessaloniki, Elli learnt to love the freedom and

calmness that her hometown gave her. She has since adapted happily to the busy London life after moving here 10 years ago.

Coming from a household where music was always present, it isn’t a surprise that Elli

would develop such a strong passion for it. Her mother was a folk singer in Greece and raised Elli to love and appreciate different genres by making her mixtapes from an early age.

I get right on time to Hoi Polloi, the restaurant in Shoreditch where we agreed to meet.

Elli is wearing a gorgeous red jumpsuit and has her hair in a perfectly done low ponytail.

She is already finishing a meal and apologises for the early arrival saying that she’s been

unable to eat with her busy schedule. When not producing music in her home studio, Elli

is an automotive engineer working in product development at Ford.

Elli explains with a small smirk how music comes naturally for her. “I realised how much

I need to do music and how it was vital for me to invest my time into it,” she says. “ Enabling

myself to express my ideas through this medium is what I focus on in my life.”

Elli transmits a particular sense of tranquility when she talks. Listening to her slowly

choosing the right words in conversation is calming and brings a sense of proximity to her.

Even when talking about being successful in the business, she responds in a positive and

unbothered manner. Elli feels that there are many tools available for artists to express

themselves, making it easier to find the right audience and be successful. “I think now it’s the

time,” she says. “If you work hard, you’re patient and you investigate well the market then,

these are all tools for us to use.” Different streaming platforms, videos, and phone apps

have given an opportunity to a lot of artists like Elli, who wouldn’t have been able to

connect with people through their music otherwise. Not only for sharing their work, but to

learn how to use instruments and equipment, we live in a very lucky time. Elli never

received any proper musical training. “I'm very proud of getting on a level in the studio where I'm able to be free and use my synthesisers, drum machines by myself and explore this new language and use it to create,” she says. “It wasn’t easy, it requires a lot of work but I was able to learn through practice, videos, loads of books and observing other artists.”

The future looks bright for Elli; everything seems to be following the right path. After

meeting people working for the show Stamp on the Wax, she was asked to produce a mix in

which she included one of her tracks to make it more personal. Daydream gives an overall

feel of Elli’s soothing energy with vocals that drag you into the electronic track.

Inspiration is everywhere for the greek artist, “You never know and that's the beauty of that.

You never know what can inspire you and I think that the surprise element to it its beautiful

and it keeps us going,” she says. Elli is deeply moved by the art of other musicians and

doesn’t feel the competition aspect of trying ‘to make it’.

A lot of patience and persistence are needed in order to be successful in a creative field, but on top of that, a huge passion, which Elli doesn’t lack for. “When I’m in the studio there’s

this feeling where mind, body, and soul are one, “ she says excitedly. “There is that beautiful

moment when you are doing art where you lose the track of time, and whenever that occurs in the studio is a special moment, it’s my happy place.”

This is why Elli Michail is no ordinary woman. With such passion and determination if

there’s anyone bound to succeed, it’s her.

Listen to Elli's music at:




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